About Us

Mistralou was born from our passion for treasure hunting
across France’s vide-greniers and brocantes, the flea markets that take place weekly in villages across the country. French people empty their attics of objects accumulated over the years and generations allowing buyers to browse through piles of rusty and dusty items in search of the hidden gems! After years of buying items for our own homes, we quite literally ran out of space and decided to create Mistralou, a platform where we can offer some of the most classic and iconic French items to customers around the world. The products we offer have been handpicked with love and care in the sunny Occitanie region, in the South of France. The items for sale on Mistralou come with a history - in most cases they have been pre-loved and show signs of age and time giving them a truly authentic character. We strive to showcase these products - and their charming little wrinkles - through our photos however if you have any doubt or question on the condition of a product, please drop us a line!  

Mistralou was created by Alix and
Laetitia, two sisters with a passion for treasure hunting passed down from our late grand-mother. We sincerely hope you’ll enjoy browsing our selection as much as we enjoy browsing through brocantes every weekend.

  • Alix
  • Laetitia